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Squadron Leader VJ Ludlow MSc RAF (Retd)


Wing Commander L Harris RAF (Retd)  


Squadron Leader JE Morris RAF (Retd)  

Retiring Treasurer  

Mr LC Lawrence


Mr D Reeve  

Events Secretary  

Mr P Magnall  

Membership Secretary  

Mr B Titchener  

Journal Editor  

Wing Commander DN Davey RAF (Retd)

Web Officer

Wing Commander K Robson RAF (Retd)


Wing Commander R J Thompson RAF (Retd)

Retiring Secretary

Mr BK Holdsworth CEng MIIM MIWM

Admin Secretary

Plus approximately 170 other members


Their had been a number of apologies for absence including :

Air Marshal Sir Eric Dunn KBE CB BEM CEng FRAeS - Patron    (was present at Reunion)
Air Commodore WJJ Northmore CBE CEng RAF (Retd) - Retiring President
Plus Earnest Boon (30th Entry), Den Terry (35th Entry), Noel Griffiths (36th Entry), Jim Blackburn (36th Entry), Den Terry (36th Entry), Graham Farr (40th Entry), Peter Clarke (44th Entry), Peter Allen (54th Entry), John Hoare (58th Entry), Mike Fletcher (61st Entry), Barrie Shallcross (64th Entry), Bill Barker (66th Entry), Ron Atkinson (67th Entry), Jim Scott (67th Entry), Jim Marsden (68th Entry) and Dave Allsup (69th Entry).


 At the end of my second year as Chairman, it seems to me that the year has again been a busy one for all of us, both within the Committee and outside it.  In November 2006, and again in February 2007, the Committee met at RAF Northolt.   The February meeting may turn out to be the last meeting at that venue, certainly for the foreseeable future.   RAF Northolt is to be greatly expanded in terms of various units to be accommodated there, and there will be organised chaos on the Station from November onwards.

At the February meeting, it was reported that Laurie Lawrence of the 62nd Entry had volunteered to take over as Treasurer from Jim Morris at the September AGM.   It was arranged that in the meantime Laurie would shadow Jim, and gradually take over some of the duties of Treasurer, against the prospect of Laurie's appointment being subsequently approved at the AGM.   The Committee fully recommends his election.

On D-Day, 6th June Bill Northmore, Fred Hoskins, Rocky and myself visited the RAF Club in London to meet up with Bruce (Happy) Holdsworth of the 57th Entry, who had offered himself as a replacement for Rocky as Admin Secretary.   Bruce seems to possess the basic attributes to fill the post and the Committee recommends him for election.

The long awaited date for the Dedication of the RAFCAA Window in St George's Church, RAF Halton was finally decided upon as the 17th June.   The day dawned quite fair, and a number of Association Members and some family members, plus invited guests, 65 in total, gathered at RAF Halton Officer's Mess in the morning.   Thanks are due to Min Larkin and the Chaplain for facilitating the arrangements at Halton.

Around midday, following the normal Morning Service, everyone trundled down to the Church, where the window, beautifully lit by the sun, was admired by all.   The Dedication Service finally got under way - David Reeve read a Lesson, Sir Eric gave a fine address, and I delivered a potted "history lesson" on the topic of Signals Training, from 1916 at RAF Farnborough up to the time of the transfer of Apprentice Training from RAF Cranwell to RAF Locking in 1952.   For the education of members of the other Associations in attendance, I included an explanation of the Cranwell Entry Numbering System.

After the service, we wandered down to the Apprentice Tribute, where various pictures were taken.   Then we repaired to the impressive Henderson Airmens' Mess for lunch - with no comparisons to the food at Cranwell.   For those with the time and the interest, it was then possible for them to make a visit to the RAF Halton Trenchard Museum to round off the day.

On 11th July, we hosted the Meeting of the Federation of Ex-Apprentice and Ex-Boy Entrants Associations at RAF Henlow.   There were representatives from all the other Associations, and the Polish Club, in attendance.   The meeting was preceded by drinks and some very acceptable food.   Next year the hosts will be the Admin Apprentices' Association, although The Polish Club were also anxious to act as hosts.

The next Committee Meeting will be held on 10th October.   For various logistic reasons, it has been decided to hold the Meeting at the Union Jack Club at Waterloo in London, because of easy access by rail.

The penultimate event of the year will be at the No 1 Radio School Annual Luncheon, to be held at RAF Cosford on 11th October.   The attendees from the Association will be: Bruce Holdsworth, Bill Cundy and Jim Willacy.   Bruce will present the Association's Award to the Best Trainee.

The final event of the year will be the 2007 Remembrance Day Parade at the Cenotaph in London.   We have been allocated 20 tickets - members wishing to participate in the Parade should pass their names to the AdSec at the end of this meeting.

We have purchased 2,000 bookmarks that depict the Memorial Window in colour.   On the advice of the outgoing Treasurer, the Magazine Editor will arrange for the inclusion of 2 free bookmarks with each copy of the next issue of The Wheel.   The few bookmarks left over are on sale here today at 50p each.



 Those of you who took the time to read the Treasurer's Financial Report in the Summer issue of The Wheel will have gleaned that the Association funds are still in very good shape.   He advised that whereas our total assets are in the order of 23,000, the uncommitted funds are nearly 17,000, which for an Association with a paying membership of just fewer than 650 is very gratifying.

He pointed out that members of the Committee with budgetary responsibilities have achieved this by taking care to keep their costs within their agreed limits.   You can judge how effective this has been as last year our Income was 8,600 and our Expenditure was only 7,600 - giving a credit balance of around 1,000.

Jim is now handing over after six years of managing the money, so it is worth looking at the situation back then and now.   In the 90's there had been a steady decline in the Associations Funds as membership fell and costs rose.   So much so that the Committee was considering raising the cost of membership.   However  in 2001, Jim with the help of Dennis Davey, set up a new database that enabled us to take advantage of the recently introduced procedure of Gift Aid.   The result was that at the end of that year the funds stood at a healthier 20,700 and now six years on at 23,200.

Finally, he asks me to say that he has enjoyed being closely involved with the Association over the last 6 years - what has made it such a pleasure has been the friendliness and courtesy of you the members.




Appointment of Admin Secretary



Bruce Holdsworth of the 57th Entry had volunteered to take on the Admin Secretary role and was endorsed by the President, the Chairman and the outgoing Admin Secretary.   There were no other nominations.



Proposed by:     Rocky Thompson.
Seconded by:    Tony Voysey
Carried Unanimously.




Appointment of Events Secretary



The Chairman called for nominees to replace David Reeve but there were none forthcoming.   David agreed that he would continue in post for a further year.




Appointment of Membership Secretary



Peter Magnall said that he would be happy to continue in post

Carried Unanimously.




Appointment of Treasurer



 Laurie Lawrence had volunteered to take over the Treasurer post.   The Chairman invited other nominations but none were received.

Proposed by:     Jim Morris
Seconded by:     Sid Brailey
Carried Unanimously.


 The Chairman presented a Certificate of Free Honorary Membership to the retiring Treasurer, Jim Morris, for his vital contribution to the work of the Committee.


 No items had been submitted in the prescribed period.


 It was announced that the next Reunion and AGM would be held on the 6th September 2008, again at the University of Warwick.

In the Chairman's final remarks, he said

As you depart, I give you the Bahasa Indonesian/Malay salutation - "Selemat Jalan" - a blessing on your road.







Those members of the Committee in attendance.

B Holdsworth
Admin Sec
20th September 2007

































































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