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Note: Under the "Entries" column below, the number quoted is based on the harmonised (Halton) numbering system.   Where a number appears in brackets, this is the original entry number.   For example 10(6BW) indicates that this was the 6th Boys Wing Entry which under the harmonised Halton numbering sequence we now know as the 10th Entry, while 15(11FL) indicates this was the 11th Flowerdown Entry which under the harmonised Halton numbering sequence we now know as the 15th Entry.

Flowerdown Entries 5(1FL) through to 14(10FL) completed all their training at Flowerdown and therefore do not appear in the table below.





Apr 1918 - Mar 1920


The Boys Wing RAF Cranwell

The first contingent of RAF (Boys) moved from Halton to Cranwell in April 1918.





Mar 1920 - Apr 1921

Nos 1(1BW), 2(2BW) and 3(3BW).  

Renamed No 2 School of Technical Training

The numbering of Boy Mechanic and Aircraft Apprentice Entries commenced in March 1920.  





Apr 1921 - Oct 1925

Nos (1BW), 2(2BW), 3(3BW), 4(4BW), 8(5BW) and 10(6BW)

Renamed The Boys Wing

In January 1922 Lord Trenchard created Aircraft Apprenticeships for Boy Mechanics.





Oct 1925 - Jul 1926

8(5BW) and 10(6BW) 

Renamed No (4) Apprentices Wing.   

In July 1926 No 4 Apprentice Wing moved to Halton and apprentice training ceased at Cranwell until August 1929





Aug 1929 - Nov 1938

Nos 15(11FL), 16(12FL), 17(13FL), 18(14FL), 19(15FL) and 20 through 38.

Electrical & Wireless School

Flowerdown Electrical & Wireless School entries 15(11FL) through 19(15FL) moved to Cranwell in August 1929. 20th Entry onwards started their training at Cranwell.





Dec 1938 - Aug 1940

34 to 41

Renamed No 1 Electrical & Wireless School






Aug 1940 - Jan 1943

38 to 45

Renamed No 1 Signals School

In August 1940 Instrument Maker training transferred to No 1 School of Technical Training at RAF Halton.





Jan 1943 - Oct 1950

43 to 66

Renamed No 1 Radio School

In October 1950 No 1 Radio School title moved to RAF Locking, but Apprentice training continued at Cranwell as No 6 Radio School.





Oct 1950 - Nov 1952

58 to 70

No 6 Radio School

The 63rd was the last Entry to pass out from RAF Cranwell.   Entries 64 to 70 started their training at Cranwell, but transferred to No 1 Radio School Locking, in November 1952, where they passed out.





















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