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Foreword:- By Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Michael Beetham GCB CBE DFC AFC

Introduction:- By Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire GCB DFC AFC

This book contains a unique collection of personal memories of life in the Royal Air Force spanning the years from the formation of  the RAF in 1918 to operations in the Balkans in the 21st Century.   The contributors represent all ranks from aircraftsmen and women to Air Chief Marshals, and together they paint a vivid picture of some of the most remarkable events in the RAF's History. Sections within the book include 1918-1939 - The Birth Of British Air Power, A Troubled Start, The Golden Age Of Flying, Last Minute Preparations, Abyssinia, 1939 to 1945 - The Outbreak Of War, The  Fall Of Europe, The Battle Of Britain, Decoy and Deception, The Battle Of The Atlantic, Mediterranean, Iraq, North West Europe, The Doctor Pilots, The Far East, North West Europe, Mediterranean, Normandy Landings, North West Europe, The Aegean, The Far East, The Berlin Airlift, HMS Amethyst, National Service, Reserve of Air Force Officers, The Flight Engineer, Korea  1950, Middle East, Some Developments in the Air and  on the Ground, The Far East, Atomic Tests, The Suez Campaign 1956, Kuwait  1961, Cyprus, The Cold War, Cyprus, The Falklands Campaign 1982, The Gulf War 1991, Humanitarian Operations, Distinctive Units, Meteorological Research, Different Aspects of Training, The Thaw, The Balkans 1993, and A New Century

The book is available through the AMAZON Website for around 16.


The History of RAF Changi (New Edition)

By Air Cdre Henry Probert MBE MA RAF (Retd)

Some 40 years ago when serving in Singapore, Squadron Leader, now Air Commodore Henry Probert wrote a short history of RAF Changi and it's origins, including the war time years as a Japanese prison Camp.   Printed and published locally, the booklet was well received, not just at Changi but also in the U.K. and Australia.   It has remained on the scene, especially in support of the Changi Chapel and Museum, whose Director recently invited the author to revise it and bring it up to date.

The resultant book, twice the length of the original, completes the RAF story and leads on to the development of Singapore (Changi) International Airport.   The book includes a forward by Mr Lee Kuan Yew the first Prime Minister and later President of the Republic of Singapore.   He writes " I commend this book as a story of how a mangrove swamp went through an eventful series of transforming turns until it became a major aviation hub in Southeast Asia - an improbable story."

Copies of this illustrated book can be obtained for 10.00, including p&p, from:   RAF Changi Association, Jerry Evans, Book Sales Rep, "Lilac Cottage", Bank, Lyndhurst, Hants SO43 7FD.   Once the RAF Changi Associatioin have covered their publishing and related costs, any surplus monies arising from the sale of this book will be distributed to military charities.


Electronic Airborne Goldfish

by Air Cdre John Clements

Air Cdre John Clements (President of the RAFCAA) has recently published his RAF memoirs under the title Electronic Airborne Goldfish, with a foreword by Air Marshal Sir Eric Dunn KBE CB BEM.

His story commences in January 1940, with the posting to St Athan of six newly graduated apprentices from the Electrical and Wireless School at RAF Cranwell, to take on the task of ground and flight testing aircraft fitted with production units of the earliest airborne radar equipments.

Within a few years two of his colleagues are killed on flight testing duties, and in 1942 he experiences a ditching in the Bristol Channel himself.

By the beginning of 1945 he has carried out some 300 flight tests, of 10 different radar equipments, in 18 different aircraft.

By 1958, after a tour of duty at the Radar Research Establishment Malvern, he has operated a total of 22 different radio equipments, in 29 different aircraft ranging from biplanes to jets, although never formally classified as aircrew.
His story concludes with his last posting, from 1973 to 1976, as Air Officer, Support Command Signals Headquarters, RAF Medmenham.

Electronic Airborne Goldfish
124 pages 50 photos & illustrations
is obtainable in softback from:-

Paterchurch Publications
6 Laws Street
Pembroke  Dock
SA72 6DL.

Price 10.95 including postage.
Electronic Airborne Goldfish

[Jun 2001]


A Trenchard Brat A Life in Aviation

by Flt.Lt. Frederick G Weston

This is the exciting tale of a lifetime of 47 years in aviation, a lifetime of remarkable adventures from the early days of flying in World War I aircraft without brakes, without armament, without radio and intercom, without proper engine control, without instruments, where the aeroplane killed more pilots than the enemy.

The author was seconded to the Egyptian Air Force where he was adviser to the King of Egypt's Royal Flight. Strange experiences followed including one where a senior Egyptian general stole one of the King's Flight aircraft. This general attempted to fly to Syria and desert to the German forces assembling there.

Commissioned, the author was recalled to the RAF (Middle East) in 1942. General Rommel had the British in considerable difficulties in the Western Desert. The author was given the engineering task of re-establishing a bombed-out Technical Depot which was the main technical support of the Desert Air Force.

Retired in 1953 the author spent 17 years as a de Havilland engineer. For a short time he was co-opted to assist the de Havilland engine investigation team to find the cause of the Comet airliner fatal crashes.

Two years were spent in Java, where de Havilland Vampire jet fighters marked the introduction of the jet age. Then followed ten years in South Africa as Technical Manager to the South African de Havilland subsidiary. An interesting episode occurred when the author assisted the South African Air Force and Navy to establish a weather station in extremely difficult conditions in the Antarctic.

The author finally retired with his family to Spain and describes life there including the difficulties of setting up and operating a gift shop. Ten years later, after selling the business, further adventures include a European tour where his car skidded over a precipice in Yugoslavia. He and his wife then lived quietly in Shrewsbury where he celebrated his 92nd birthday.

[Aug 2000]


The Poacher's Brats

A Social History of the RAF Cranwell Aircraft Apprentice

by Frank Whitehouse


Lord Trenchard establishes the Schools of Technical Training


The Electrical & Wireless School moves to Cranwell


War is in the offing


Intensive training for war


Changes in the air and the move to Locking


The Poacher's Brats
is obtainable in photocopy from:-

Tom Olliver

Price to members including p&p
8 in UK
11 overseas
The Poacher's Brats

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