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  Air Ministry Pamphlet 15  - Appendix VI - 1946

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Appendix VI
A.M. Pamphlet 15
(17th Edition)


1. A limited number of vacancies at each entry will be offered to candidates, selected from those who have obtained an approved first school certificate and have passed with credit in mathematics and in one of the following science subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Physics-with- Chemistry, General or Elementary Science, Mechanics, Heat, Light and Sound; Electricity and Magnetism. Such candidates will not be required to compete in Part (a) of the qualifying examination but will be required to sit for Part (b), the General Intelligence Test only. If successful , in this they will be required, when called up for medical examination, to reach a qualifying standard in the special aptitude tests given to all candidates who reach this stage.

School Certificates Accepted for Direct Entry

2. The General School Examination of the University of London and the first School Certificate of the following examining bodies will be accepted :



The Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board,



The Oxford Delegacy for Local Examinations,



The Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate,



The University of Bristol,



The University of Durham,



The Northern Universities Joint Matriculation Board,



The Central Welsh Board.

3. In place of any of these examinations any other examination which, in the opinion of the Air Council, is of equivalent or higher standard may be accepted.

4. The following certificates will also be accepted for the present:



The Junior Leaving Certificate or the Day School Certificate (Higher) of the Scottish Education Department. Candidates presenting this certificate will be required to have been successfully presented in Mathematics (Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra), Science (Pure or Applied), and in Technical Subjects (Bench Work, Technical Drawing and Mechanics), and to have remained in full-time attendance in school up to the term ending not more than a year before the relevant entry of aircraft apprentices takes place.



    Candidates who, because of the suspension of the issue of the Junior Leaving Certificate, present a certificate issued is lieu thereof by a Scottish local education authority, will be considered for Direct Entry in consultation with the Scottish Education Department. In view of the closing date for the receipt of nominations such candidates are advised to obtain nominations for the Entrance Examination also when seeking entry by the Direct Entry method.



The Junior Certificate of the Ministry of Education for Northern Ireland. Candidates presenting this certificate will be required to have passed in Mathematics and in Experimental Science.



    Candidates who seek entry by this method should satisfy themselves that they fulfil the conditions stated above. The opportunity to sit the entrance examination can only be offered if the appropriate nomination is received at the Air Ministry by the prescribed date (see para. 14 of this pamphlet).




























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