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  Air Ministry Pamphlet 15 - Appendix II - 1946

This is a transliteration of the content, as a facsimile would be difficult to read.




Appendix II
A.M. Pamphlet 15
(17th Edition)


1. Each candidate called up for medical examination, etc., will be required to produce the following documents :



The consent, in writing, of his parent, guardian, or nearest relative to his entry as an aircraft apprentice. Royal Air Force, for twelve years' service from the age of eighteen years and for the period up to that age. The signature of the parent or guardian on the form of consent (Form 76) must be witnessed by one of the following : justice of the peace, clergyman, officer of H.M. service (retired or serving) not below the rank of lieutenant-commander in the Royal Navy, major in the Army, or squadron leader in the Royal Air Force, the headmaster of a public elementary, secondary or junior technical school, or any responsible official of a local education authority or local juvenile employment committee (under the Ministry of Labour).
(It should be noted that parental consent is not essential to the validity of entry.)



A certificate of good moral character, signed by-a responsible person.



A certificate of birth showing that the boy's age is in accordance with that required under para. 13 (c) of this publication.



A.M. Form 901 (Order of Preference in Choice of Trade).



Form 62 (Medical Interrogatory Form, Apprentices).

2. Form 499 (Certificate as to freedom from Infectious Diseases). This must be completed immediately before the candidate leaves home and be handed by him to the attestation officer.

Note. Form 76, A.M. Form 901, Form 62 and Form 499 will be dispatched to each candidate when instructions to report at the training establishment are issued















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