33rd Photos





 The following photographs have been provided by Harold Fishwick.   Click on any photo to see an enlarged version.


Electrical & Wireless School Boxing Team 1937 - Winners of Triangular Tournament



33 Boxing Team 1937-1.JPG



Back Row: AA Fishwick (Bantam), Boy Chandler (Light), AA Clarke (Welter), L/Boy Hearne (Lt Heavy), Boy Carruthers, AA Mitchell (Feather), AA Lord (Fly)
Front Row: AA Hughes (Mosquito), Mr Blythe (Trainer), Flt Lt R. Jones (O i/c Boxing), Gp Capt Gordon Dean AFC (OC E&W School), FS Wade (NCO i/c Boxing), Mr Morgan (Trainor), Boy Bolton (Midge).






Captain's and Vice-Captain's of "B" Squadron Sporting Teams 1937-38



33 Captains etc B Sqn Sporting Teams 1937-38-1.JPG



Back Row: LAA Rushen, AA Dawson, AA Hendry, AA Baron, LAA Close, LAA Jeckels, LAA Clarke, AA Pedley, AA Underwood
Middle Row: SAA Stripp, Sgt Long, FS Daley, FS Booth, Flt Lt Hellier, FS Stevens, Cpl McLeod, SAA Copley, CAA Stevens,
 Front Row:      LAA Hobart                                                               LAA Fishwick






Instrument Makers -Under Instruction



33 Inst Makers-1.JPG






Harold Fishwick at 80th Anniversary - St Clement Danes



33 Fishwick-1.JPG







RAF CAA Reunion at RAF Locking 1972 - Celebrating 50 years of Apprentice Training




33 Reunion Locking 72-1.JPG




Leslie Millard, George Raggett, Les Miles, Charles Choules and D. Mann







RACAA Reunion at Warwick University - 2005

33 Reunion Warwick 2005-A1.JPG


33 Reunion Warwick 2005-B1.JPG


33 Reunion Warwick 2005-C1.JPG

These 3 photos include, amongst others,  Fred Adams, Mike Beeby, Harold Fishwick, Jack Griffin, Bam Martyn, Dan Maskell, Les Miles
and Freddie Pakes of the 32nd Entry.


Harold Fishwick being presented with a "Big Wheel" at Henley Golf Club on 27th June 2006
by Les Harris, on behalf of the RAFCAA Committee,  
for his services to the RAFCAA



33 Harold F Big Wheel.JPG



























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