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 The 0M1/0J1 (36th) Entry of Aircraft Apprentices

Entry Representative   Tom Olliver

Entrance Examination

All successful candidates arrived at RAF Halton during the last week of August 1937.  

RAF Halton

 Here we were medically examined and if fit we took an oath of allegiance to King George VI his heirs and successors. This was followed by being given the opportunity to state the trade we wished to join, from the following:- Aero-Engine Fitter, Airframe Fitter, Armourer, Instrument Maker, Wireless Operator Mechanic. (Not everyone was given the trade of their choice). We were lined up and given Injections, Vaccinations - and suffered sore arms. The following day we were kitted out with uniforms etc. All of our civilian clothing we packed and sent to our homes by the RAF. When in uniform we were taught drill, how to march, swing ones arms, turn whilst on the march, and how to salute officers. We were called on Parade and told which trade we would be taking. Those selected in the trade of Instrument Maker or Wireless Operator Mechanic were to be sent to The Electrical & Wireless School, RAF Cranwell. We arrived at RAF Cranwell during early September 1937.

 RAF Cranwell

At this time there were 3 Apprentice Squadrons, the accommodation for each was an 'H' Block. 'A' and 'B' Squadrons housed Wireless Operator/Electrical Mechanics and 'C' Squadron housed Instrument Makers. Apprentices wore distinguishing hat bands 'A' Sqn. wore Red, 'B' Sqn. wore Green, and 'C' Sqn. wore Sky Blue. 'D' Sqn. was formed shortly after our arrival, housed Wireless Operator/Electrical Mechanics and wore Dark Blue hat bands.   Initially we were known as the 0M7 / 0J1 Entry.

Aircraft Apprentice Training

Was for a period of 3 years and on successful completion of our apprenticeship we would become tradesmen in July 1940. However, on the outbreak of World War 2 in September 1939 those of our Entry, over the age of 18yrs. were posted as Tradesmen to RAF Stations. We were soon recalled to RAF Cranwell to complete our training which because of the emergency was reduced by 6 months, we, therefore, Passed out of our Apprenticeship in January 1940.








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