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The 2M3 (41st) Entry of Aircraft Apprentices*

In March 1940, 175 Royal Air Force Aircraft Apprentices of the newly-recruited 41st Entry
arrived at No 1 Electrical and Wireless School, RAF Cranwell.
As Aircraft Apprentices, they had committed themselves to serve for 12 years from the age of 18.
At Cranwell, there known as the 2M3 Entry, they completed a two-year war-time Apprenticeship in the
Group 1 trade of Wireless and Electrical Mechanic (later changed to Wireless Operator Mechanic).
During those two years the 2M3 Entry was augmented by 38 Apprentices put back from the 1M9 Entry,
which brought the total membership to 213.
Of that number, 11 were put back to train with later Entries and 10 ceased training for various reasons.
The 2M3 Entry passed out on 5th March 1942 192 strong to start their men's service
as regular airmen in the largely non-regular ranks of the wartime Royal Air Force.


In Memoriam

Eighteen of the 2M3 Entry were Killed in Action or Died Whilst on Active Service
during the 1939-1945 hostilities

Alan Allen
Ted Craze
Fred Marrington
Dennis Sharland

Geoff Ambler
M Jerome
Bert Oxley
BW Smith

James Boyd
Roy Knight
Ray Piper
JS Thomson

Frank Chadbourne
Allen Lloyd
Harry Scarman
John Tomlinson

Fred Trower


Eric Winter (in Royal Armoured Corps)

Three were killed in service during the early post-war years

Jeff Hanson

WH (Jock) Hogarth

David James



Our records are incomplete, but from those we hold we know that,
of the 213 members associated with the 2M3 Entry, at least 64 (30%) served as aircrew:
10 as Pilot, 7 as Navigator, 34 as Wireless Operator Mechanic / Air Gunner,
6 as WOM Air, and 7 as Air Signaler.
Two died during aircrew training, one as u/t Pilot and one as u/t Navigator.

At least 55 (26%) were commissioned. The ranks attained by that 55 were:
Air Commodore (1), Group Captain (3), Wing Commander (4), Squadron Leader (12),
Flight Lieutenant (14), Flying Officer or Pilot Officer (21).
At least 12 (6%) attained the rank of Warrant Officer or Master Aircrew.



In 1922, during the early days of the RAF, Lord Trenchard innovated the Aircraft Apprenticeship scheme
to train highly skilled technical tradesmen and NCOs for the new Service.
It succeeded beyond all expectations. "Trenchard's Brats" acquired an enviable reputation
for their abilities and for their good fellowship both on duty and off duty.
Many went on to serve in commissioned rank; and "ex-brats" from Flowerdown, Cranwell, Halton,
Locking and Cosford became the backbone of the Royal Air Force's Technical (now Engineer) Branch.
Some reached the highest ranks in the Royal Air Force;
others achieved great success in civil life and in spheres far removed from their beginnings.


The 2M3 (41st) Entry claims, with all due modesty, a share of these marks of quality.

Of the 213 ex-2M3s, 90 are as yet untraced.
Any information on any member of the 2M3 Entry would be most welcome.

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