58th Photos





This group of eleven photographs were provided by John Godfrey
(They are displayed "full sized")








A/A Godfrey


Frank Swift


Titch Forbes








Evans and Garrard


Peter "Happy" Howlett, Frank Swift, John Godfrey & Johnny Hoare


From Left to Right: Ginger Woodward, Graham Gough, Don Evans, Bert Conchie, Keith Clowes, Nev Thomas, "Kneeling" Johnny Hoare & Peter Howlett, Harry Davey, John Borrill, Ian Garrard, and Stew Smith












Some of "Our Masters"
L/A/A Smith (9M9), C/A/A George (8M9) & L/A/A Gray (9M5)








Passing Out









Reviewing Officer
Maj General Leon W. Johnson
Commanding General, 3rd Air Division USAF




General Salute









March past in column of route




March off in Slow Time to "Auld Lang Syne".


Three more photos, his time provided by Bob Mercer.
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58th Entry Photo taken at Halton


At Summer Camp

58 Bob Mercer.jpg


58 Entry Photo.jpg


58 Summer Camp.jpg

Bob Mercer


Back Row: ?, ?, ?, Brian Fordham, Del Lawrence,
3rd Row: ?, Bob Mercer, ?, ?, Daisy Potter, ?, ?, ?, ?
2nd Row Seated: Nev Thomas, ?, Wareham?, Graham Gough, ?
 Front Row: ?, ?, ?, ?


L to R: Red Love, Pete Bowen and Bob Mercer.   Titch Forbes is hiding behind Bob.












































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