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This webpage was initially created as a stand alone site for, and on behalf of, the 1M9 (60th) Entry of Royal Air Force Cranwell Apprentices, some of "Trenchards' Brats", who joined up in September 1948.   My name is Dennis Davey, otherwise known as 584982, and I am proud to have been a member of that Entry.   As you can see it has now been decided to incorporate the original Website as "an Entry Page" within the RAFCAA Website.

The Beginning

On 27th September 1951 the 1M9 60th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices passed out at RAF Cranwell three years after we had all met up for the first time at RAF Halton for kitting out, attestation etc.   The Reviewing Officer was Air Marshal Sir John Whitworth Jones K.C.B. C.B.E. who at that time was Air Officer Commanding in Chief, Technical Training Command.   The final march off, in slow time, was to "Auld Lang Syne" before we all departed to our new units spread wide throughout the United Kingdom.   The complete Entry were never to gather together again.

The following photographs of the Passing out Parade and Prize Presentation have been kindly provided by Peter Brown.   Clicking on any individual photograph will bring up an enlarged version.


60 entry passing out 1.jpg


60 entry passing out 2.jpg


60 entry passing out 3.jpg










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60 entry passing out 6.jpg










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A/A Feist
receiving his Prize


S/A/A Wilkinson receiving his Prize



At the prize giving the guests learnt that C/A/A D. R. "Bluey" Bourne had been awarded a cadetship in the Equipment Branch and that "The Prizes" and "Wing Trophies" had been won as follows:



Technical Subjects - Air Radio Fitters

C/A/A A.J. Sargent

Technical Subjects - Ground Radio Fitters

A/A A.J. Feist

Highest Education Marks

C/A/A P.H. French

General Service Subjects

S/A/A I.D. Wilkinson

Highest Aggregate Marks

C/A/A P.H. French





Victor Ludorum Trophy

S/A/A I.D. Wilkinson

Wing  Championship Cup

"A" Squadron

During our stay at Cranwell, Wing Colours were awarded to the following members of the Entry:





C/A/A Bullock

L/A/A Davey

A/A Boulden

A/A Golding (ex 1M1)

L/A/A Davey

C/A/A French

A/A Gissing

C/A/A French

L/A/A Parker

A/A Morris

C/A/A Smith

C/A/A West

S/A/A Wilkinson

S/A/A Wilkinson

L/A/A Smith










C/A/A Linnell

C/A/A Watson


A/A Lachlan (ex1M5)

A/A Fletcher

C/A/A West

S/A/A Wyman












A/A Carman (ex1M5)

S/A/A Wilkinson


L/A/A Davey








60th Entry 6-a-Side Football Team - 1951


60 Entry 6-a-side 1951.jpg


Back Row:  Robinson, Heath, Givens
Front Row:  Drew, West, Tonkinson


Post Cranwell

60th Entry Group

In 1997, of the original 67 members of the Entry, there were just 12 who had "found" and joined the RAF Cranwell Apprentices Association (RAF CAA), we knew the whereabouts of four more, and that four had died.   From this poor start Jim Morris was persuaded to take on the job of Entry Representative and lead the hunt for our missing members in an effort to have contacted as many as possible by our fiftieth anniversary when we hoped to organise a reunion.   Jim's first newsletter went out in September 1997 to all those for whom we had a contact address and the hunt for the missing started.   With the help of many, and particularly through the good offices of the RAFCAA and the RAFA, we were able to find many of our missing number.   Soon after volunteering to be our Entry Representative, Jim was also persuaded to take on the job of Treasurer for the RAF Cranwell Apprentices' Association (RAF CAA).   Despite this extra load he has still managed to continue to lead the hunt for our missing members and keep us all informed of the news, both good and bad, as it affected Entry members through Newsletters and E-mails.   Clicking on the "Entry List" option at the top of this page will display the current situation.


























































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