Air Ministry Pamphlet 15 - Appendix III - 1946

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Appendix III    
A.M. Pamphlet 15
(17th Edition)  



1. The rates of pay during apprenticeship are as follows :


First year        ..

        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..

10s. 6d. a week


Second year   ..

        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..

14s. 0d. a week


Third year       ..

        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..       ..        ..        ..

17s. 6d. a week

Apprentices will become entitled to the recruits' rate of pay of 28s. a week on attaining the minimum age of entry for man's service, which is at present 17 years, and to the rate appropriate to their classification and trade group on posting to a unit for duty after completion of training. Apprentices who qualify for payment at the rate of 28s. a week during their apprenticeship will, during term time, be paid at the rate appropriate to their year of training. The balance will be put to their credit and paid immediately before they go on leave.

Airmen and Aircrew

2. The weekly rates of pay for Group "A" tradesmen, and for aircrew, as from 1st July, 1946, will be as follows :



Group "A"

Aircraftman 2nd Class
Aircraftman 1st Class
Leading Aircraftman
Corporal after 4 years
Sergeant after 4 years*
Flight Sergeant
Flight Sergeant after 4 years*
Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer after 4 years*

45s. 6d.
49s. 0d.
52s. 6d.
66s. 6d.
70s. 0d.
84s. 0d.
87s. 6d.
101s. 6d.
105s. 0d.
119s. 0d.
129s. 6d



Pilot and Navigator

Signaller, Engineer and Gunner

Pilot, etc. IV
Pilot, etc. III
Pilot, etc. III after 4 years
Pilot, etc. II
Pilot, etc. II after 4 years*
Pilot, etc. I
Pilot, etc. I after 4 years*
Master Pilot, etc.
Master Pilot after 4 years*

73s. 6d.
87s. 6d.
91s. 0d.
105s. 0d.
108s. 6d.
122s. 6d.
126s. 0d.
140s. 0d.
150s. 6d.

70s. 0d.
84s. 0d.
87s. 6d.
101s. 6d.
105s. 0d.
119s. 0d.
122s. 6d.
136s. 6d.
147s. 0d

* Sergeants and Flight Sergeants, and Aircrew I and II, will receive further increments on the scale of 3s. 6d. a week, and Warrant Officers and Master Aircrew on the scale of 10s. 6d. a week, for each additional 4 years of service in those ranks.

3. Signallers, engineers and gunners will not normally reach a rank higher than Aircrew II before returning to their trade, and the higher aircrew ranks will normally be reached therefore only by those subsequently selected for a further period of aircrew service The advancement of the remainder will be in their .trade.

4. In addition to the rates of pay quoted in paragraph 2 above, good conduct pay will be granted at the rate of 3s. 6d. a week for each good conduct badge held. Good conduct badges are awarded for good conduct after 5 and 10 years' qualifying service after attaining the age of 18.

5. In addition to pay, apprentices and airmen are granted clothing, free rations accommodation or allowances in lieu and free medical attendance. Marriage allowance will be payable to married airmen who have reached the age of 21 and family, allowances under the provisions of the Family Allowances Act, 1945, will be payable in respect of an airman's second child and subsequent children.

6. Subject to necessary modification, airmen and their families will be eligible for the full range of benefits of the National Insurance Scheme, or broadly equivalent benefits, e.g. medical attention, under service arrangements.




































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