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Joining Letter 1946

This is a transliteration of the content, as a facsimile would be unreadable.
A couple of clerical date errors have been corrected.

Telephone No:- Ruislip 3581.

All communications on-the subject of
this matter should, be addressed to;-


ZA1(Apps). / 8117


   13 - 12 - 1946


Sir (or Madam),

1. In connection with your son's (or ward's) application for enlistment into the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Apprentice, he should, report to, the Royal Air Force Station, Halton, Nr. Aylesbury, Bucks, on 16 January 1947, with a view to attestation, which will be carried out, provided he successfully passes the medical examination, aptitude tests, and interview, and complies with the necessary conditions of entry as laid down in Air Ministry Pamphlet No. 15, a copy of which is already in your possession.

2. A number of documents are enclosed with this letter, which must be completed before enlistment can proceed. It is absolutely necessary that the forms should be completed and disposed of in the way indicated in the forms and in this paragraph. Failure to complete or return a form properly, will cause delay and may lead to the exclusion of your Son or Ward from this entry..


Documents to be returned to this Office

The following documents are to be completed and returned to this office as soon as possible, for which purpose a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed:-


Form 76. Consent of Parent or Guardian.

Particular care should be taken in the compilation of this form, and the notes should be carefully studied. It should be signed by your Son and yourself in the presence of the witness, who signs part 3, The witness must be one of the persons specified in note iii. Part 2. should be signed by the father, if alive, but if he is not available the person signing the form should attach a statement, giving the circumstances, and certifying that the father approves of the application for enlistment.


Duplicate Certificate regarding. Vaccination and,. Inoculations.

This should be signed by the person who signs part 2. of Form 76


Form 62 - Medical Interrogatory Form.

This may be completed, by your Son's Doctor, or by yourself.


Birth Certificate. Must be sent with the other documents.


Certificate of Moral Character. Must be obtained from a Clergyman, Justice of the Peace, or other responsible person.


Form 1392.

A list of the documents set out above, which should be signed by you and sent to this office with the documents. When signing this form, you should check through the documents to see that they are complete.


Documents to be taken by your Son (or Ward) to Halton when he reports.


Form 901 Choice of trade.


Form 499 Certificate of freedom from Infectious Disease. This must be completed and signed immediately before he leaves home. Serious inconvenience will be caused if this form is not produced.

3. Your son (or Ward.) on his reporting for attestation should bring with him his National Registration Identity Card, Clothing, Food and Personal Rationing Cards, and if he has been in civilian employment, his National Health Insurance Card and Unemployment Book

4. If the boy is rejected for any reason he will be issued with a free railway warrant to his home, and you will be informed of the reasons for his rejection. Should the boy, however, refuse to enlist for personal reasons, he must be prepared to make the return journey at his own expense, as a free railway warrant in these circumstances is inadmissible.

5. It is advisable that the boy should bring with him only the minimum amount of clothing etc. which should include towel, soap and night attire, Every boy accepted for service is issued with a complete outfit of uniform, clothing and necessaries as soon as attestation is complete.


A railway warrant for the journey to WENDOVER is enclosed. This warrant is to be used as a ticket and not handed in at the railway booking office. The boy should travel to London to join the l2.55 p.m. train from MARYLEBONE; Station (London and North Eastern Railway) to WENDOVER on the date indicated in the first paragraph of this letter. Every endeavour should be made to travel by this train, on which accommodation has been reserved and the boy should report to a Warrant Officer, who will be in uniform, on the platform at 12.30 p.m. Boys from remote districts who may have to commence the journey on the previous day in order to connect with this train should report to the Railway Transport Officer for instructions for the journey to Wendover,

7. If you, or your son (or Ward) should decide not to proceed with the application for enlistment, will you please return all the enclosures to me immediately in the accompanying envelope, with a statement to that effect.


I am Sir (or Madam),
     Your obedient servant
illegible signature S/L
for Air Commodore
Air Officer i/c Records,









































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