Air Ministry Pamphlet 15 - Appendix 7 - 1946

This is a transliteration of the content, as a facsimile would be difficult to read.




Appendix VII
A.M. Pamphlet 15
(17th Edition)


All candidates for the Qualifying Examination are required, by para. 15 (a), of this pamphlet, to obtain a nomination. The following authorities have been authorised to nominate candidates for the qualifying examination :



Local Education Authorities.



Advisory Committees for Juvenile Employment (under the Ministry of Labour).



The Governing Bodies of certain schools which are neither aided nor maintained by a Local Education Authority, provided that the Head Master is a member of the Head Masters' Conference or of the Incorporated Association of Head Masters.



The Council of the Boy Scouts' Association, if the candidate is a boy scout.



The Council of the National Association of Boys' Clubs, if the candidate belongs to a club affiliated to the Association.



The County Territorial Force Association and the British National Cadet Association in respect of members of cadet units affiliated to these bodies.



The Ministry of Education for Northern Ireland in respect of boys resident in Northern Ireland.



The Commandants, Air Training Corps, if the candidate is a member of that Corps.














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