Air Ministry Pamphlet 15 - Appendix IV - 1946

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Appendix IV
A.M. Pamphlet 15
(17th Edition)


1. The scales of pension issuable to airmen who re-engage and qualify for pension are as follows:



In respect of Service




  1 to 20 years' service   ..     ..     ..

1s. 2d. per week per year of service.



21 to 25                     ..     ..     ..

1s. 6d.                              



26 to 30                     ..     ..     ..

2s. 6d.                              



31 years' service and onwards     ..

4s. 0d.                              



Additional rank element





For each year's service as

Corporal      ..       ..     ..     ..     

      4d. per week.




Sergeant       ..       ..     ..     ..     





Flight Sergeant      ..     ..     ..





Warrant Officer     ..     ..     ..

1s. 3d           

2. The minimum period of service in order to qualify for pension will be 22 years, but this does not necessarily mean that a man who has completed 22 years' service will be allowed to claim discharge to pension before the expiration of his engagement or that it will be open to all airmen in the post-war air force to re-engage to complete such a period. The policy governing re-engagement in the post-war air force is indicated in para. 6 of this pamphlet.

3. Typical rates which may be attained in certain cases by airmen re-engaging for long service under the post-war proposals are as follows :



Flight Sergeant     ..

32 years' service (including 7 years as a corporal, 7 years as a sergeant and 11 years as a flight sergeant): 65s. 6d. a week,



Warrant Officer   ..

37 years' service (including 3 years as a corporal, 7 years as a sergeant, 7 years as a flight sergeant, and 13 years as a Warrant officer): 97s. 4d. a week.

4. There will be special supplements for pilots and navigators discharged after 22 years' service (see para. 11 (c) of the pamphlet) which it is expected will produce a total pension of about 55s. 0d. weekly in the normal case.


























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