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 The following photographs were kindly provided by Neville Ager of the 0M1 (55th) Entry

RAF Halton Jan 1947

Last day in civilian clothes

"C" Flt March 1947

Entry Football Team 1948/49
Stan McKie, Dennis Brennan, Chunky Cornell, Bill Mawdsley, Jeff Hamnett, Jock Wardrop, Neveille Ager, Terry McIntyre, Les Duhigg, M Martin and Bill Holloway

Summer Camp
Mablethorpe 1949

55-13 AF Halton Jan 47.JPG

55-12 Halton Jan 47.JPG

55-8 C Flt Mar 47.JPG

55-17 Football Team 48-49.JPG

55-3 Summer Camp View.JPG






Summer Camp
Mablethorpe 1949
Entry & Staff

Summer Camp
Mablethorpe 1949
Potato peeling, Rod Lowrence & Neville Ager

Summer Camp
Mablethorpe 1949
 Washing-up time, Neville Ager, Rod Lowrence, Don Bennell

Summer Camp
Mablethorpe 1949
 More potato peeling, Don Bennell, Rod Lowrence, Neville Ager, Tony Kent, Bill Maddox with freshly caught rabbit!!

Bill Maddox, Dave Harries, Neville Ager, and Pete Gregory in front

55-1 Entry and Staff 1949.jpg

55-4 Potato Peeling.JPG

55-7 Washing Up.JPG

55-2 Potatoe Peeling 1949.JPG

55-16 Group 1949.JPG






John Churcher, Pete Gregory and Neville Ager ready for anything

Passing Out Parade
December 1949

Apprentice Wing Coach


RAF Yatesbury May 1952
Neville Ager & Pete Gregory on SAC Fitters course to J/T

55-18 Group Best Blue 1949.JPG

55-10 Passing Out Parade Dec 49.JPG

55-19 Apps Wing Coach 1949.JPG


55-14 Yatesbury May52 Fitters Course.JPG


 The following photographs were kindly provided by Peter Shallcross of the 7M9 49th Entry

Winning Team


Winning Team


Athletics Team

Winning team.jpg


Winning team2.jpg


Athletics team.jpg



In the following pictures:
Williamson*, in the Hockey team, was to become Sir Keith Williamson GCB  AFC  FRAeS 
Rogers** in the 7M9 Entry Photo and 7M9 Gymnasts was to become Air Ch Mshl Sir John Rogers KCB CBE FRAeS RAF (Ret'd) and
Dunn*** in the Rugby team was to become Air Mshl Sir Eric Dunn KBE CB BEM CEng FRAeS RAF (Ret'd) our Association Patron.



7M9 (49th) ENTRY
Back Row - Martin, Little, Thomas, Ferrigan, Newton, McFarlane, Whitehead, Bayliss, Leveson, Lloyd, Williamson, and Drake.
Middle Row - Pomeroy, Stagg, Glasper, Paynter, Whitehead, Lawrence, Joice, Wright, Richards, Lawson, Woods and Shallcross
Front Row - Howard, Dannatt-Brader, Ford, Balance, Short, Blacklock, Rogers**, Winchester, Stevenson, Ward, Maughan, Bradshaw and Maunder


Soccer 1946.jpg

Soccer Team - 1946
Watson, Whittington and Blacklock
Knight, Shepheard, Heathershaw, Boakes and Price
?? , Allerston, Jones, Buckley, Wg Cdr Melvin


Hockey 1946.jpg

Hockey Team - 1946
Williamson*, Preston, Stevenson, Rankin, Brailey, Shallcross, and ??
Maunder, Miller, Widdicombe, ?? , Holden and Deboo


Rugby 1946.jpg

Rugby Team - 1946
Matheson, Goodyear, Wilson, and Leveson
Baxter , McLeod, Marsden , Hutchins, Clements, and Thompson
Parkinson, ??, Dunn***, Wg Cdr Melvin, and Roberts
Nevin, Thomson, and Emmet


7M9 Gymnasts.jpg

7M9 Gymnasts
Marshall, Lawrence, Norris, Cleaves, Whitehead, Lawson, Whitehead, Bradshaw, Froggatt, Ward, Drake and WO Bell
Martin, Newton, Shallcross, Wright, Maughan, Maunder, Ferrigan, Pomeroy, Leveson and Burnett
Joice, Ford, Brailey, Howard, ?? , Knight, Rogers**, Stagg and Richards


Air experience Flights..jpg

Air Experience Flights
Lawrence, Ferrigan, Froggatt, Bradshaw, Holcroft, Ford and Pomeroy
?? , and Dalziel



The following photos were kindly provided by Hendy Newey of the 4M3 (44th) Entry

44 allentry.jpg

44 1RSBand.jpg

44 drumsetc.jpg

44 boxers.jpg


The following photo was provided by Brian Montgomery of the 4M9 (69th) Entry

App Swim team 1952.jpg


Can anyone please help to fill in the missing names?

Back Row:  Hassell (69th),  ?,   ?,   Andrews (67th)?,   ?,   Kill (67th),   ?,   and Coleman.
Middle Row:  ?,   ?,   ?,   Kime (67th),   Gaskell (69th),   ?,   and Tony Wilkin (67th).
Front Row:   ?,  Montgomery,   Education Officer,   Education Officer,   Cole Bailey,   and ?.


The following photos were provided by Rocky Thompson 4M9 (69th) Entry

70th Anniversary

70th Anni Rocky plus Big3mod.jpg

Wg Cdr Thompson, then RAFCAA Chairman, Air Mshl Sir Eric Dunn KBE CB BEM CEng FRAeS, Patron RAFCAA, Air Mshl Sir John Fitzpatrick  56th Entry, Halton, and MRAF Sir Keith Williamson GCB  AFC  FRAeS


70th Anni Rocky plus Big3A1.jpg

Wg Cdr Thompson, then RAFCAA Chairman, Air Mshl Sir Eric Dunn KBE CB BEM CEng FRAeS, Patron RAFCAA, MRAF Sir Keith Williamson GCB  AFC  FRAeS and Air Mshl Sir John Fitzpatrick  56th Entry, Halton


70th Anni Rocky & Maureen1.jpg

Wg Cdr Thompson and Mrs Maureen Thompson in conversation with Peter Cornelius of the 4M9 (69th) Entry


80th Anniversary

80th Anni St Clen Danes1.jpg

Eric Bowden RAFBEA, Flt Lt Guard Commander, Jim Wilcox Admin Apps, Air Mshl Sir Eric Dunn KBE CB BEM CEng FRAeS, Not Known, Arthur Rynkiewicz Polish Apprentices, Not Known, Rocky Thompson, Gp Capt Ian Blunt Chairman Halton Apprentices, Wg Cdr Bert Davies in wheelchair, Chairman Locking Apprentices.


The following photo of the DH110 crash at Farnborough in 1953 was provided by Rocky Thompson of the 69th Entry
Cranwell Brats, including some from the 69th, were told off to guard the crash site as they were "in uniform".

DH110 Farnborough 1953.jpg


The following photo of the Apprentice Wing Band in November 1951 was provided by Brian Titchener of the 65th Entry




The following photos were provided by Peter Magnall of the 67th Entry

"C" Squadron Rugby Team 1952

C Sqdn Rugby_1.jpg

Back Row:  Jim Marsden (68), Alan Carter (NZ68), Keith Smith (NZ68), Paddy Worthy (65), Lionel Smith (65), Bisley (65), Eusty Todd (67), Ted Lee (69),  ? (64), Bill Pratt (67)
Centre Row:  FS Price, Reg Solman (69), ? (64), Henry Kill (67), Lionel Smith (65), Peter Magnall (67), George Watt (67), Fox ?
Front Row:  Jim Parsons (67), Don Foord (67)


PT Display Team - 1952


Back Row:  Peter Magnall (67), Dave Roderick (68), ?,
2nd Row: Tony LeRoy (68), Ted O'Marah (68), Mac Wilson (68), ?, Ron Lugmayer (68), ?, Sid Hanson (68)
Centre Row:  W.O. Jacobs, Reg Solman (69), ?, ?, Roy Babington (65,66,67), Jim Hayward (68,69), ?, Bob Flegg (68,69), Dave Bye (68)
4th Row:  Jim Willacy? (69), ? (65), Alan Shaw (67), Stuart Foulstone (68), Colin Knight (68,69), ?, ?
Front Row:  Bill Baker (66), ?, ?, Roley Young (68), Malcolm Scott (68)


Princess Margaret - Locking 1953


Guard of Honour commanded by Sqn Ldr Sweetlove
Peter Magnall insists that it is his hat that is immediately behind Princess Margaret.


Cranwell Wing Rugby Team 1951-52

Cranwell Rugby Team 51-52.jpg

Rear: Jim Killin (68), Paddy Worthy (65), ??, Allan Kime(67), Lionel Smith (65), ??, ??, and ??.
Front: Jock Kill?(67), ??, ??, ??, ??, George Watt(67), ??, Nogger Pressling(67), and Rusty Todd(67)


Wing Rugby - 1952-53


Back Row:  Sam Hifle (71), Dennier (70), Lionel Smith (65), Allan Kime (67), Bisley (65), Paddy Worthy (65), ?
Front Row:  Ted Lee (68,69), John Pressling (67), ?, Ron Cumming (68), Rusty Todd (67), Spence (70), Killin (68)

You will notice that only 14 are present.   Peter tells me that he together with Bill Pratt (67), Reg Solman (69), and George Watt (67) also played for the team that season.


Peter forwarded this photograph beliving it to be a "near duplicate" of the photo on the 58th Photos page entitled "Some of Our Masters".   Closer examination has shown that this is not so.   So who are these three and who were they in-charge of?

Some of Our Masters Vers 2.jpg


These 4 photographs were provided by John Godfrey of the 58th Entry

Apps Band.jpg

Tom Girtley Bandmaster.jpg

Apps Band Leadingham.jpg

Apprentice Brass Band.  The CAA to left of the Bandmaster is "Spud" Adams 57th Entry

Tom Girtley, our respected Bandmaster

Apprentice Band - at Leadingham?



Royal Visit 1948.jpg



Royal Visit to Cranwell July 1948



The following photograph, showing the Oath of Attestation taken by Apprentices, was provided by Vic Mitchell 4M5 (68th) Entry





Attestation Oath04.jpg



The following 2 photographs were provided by Nick Nelson 1M5 (59th) Entry







PA Wing Athletics Team 1950A.JPG


PA Wing Rugby 1950-51A.JPG



Wing Atheletics Team 1950


Wing Rugby Team 1950-51



The following photograph was sent to us by Mrs K Woodward (nee Dear)








8 GroupC.JPG



The photo shows some of the 5th Entry E & W School Flowerdown (which we know as the 8th Entry)
364075 W J Dear, the father of Mrs Woodward, is at left hand end of the middle row.





















The following two photos were kindly sent to us by Maj R Murphy Canadian Air Force








E & WS Cranwell 1929 Football Team.jpg



This photograph shows the E&W School Cranwell Football Team - 1929.
563571 Robert Murphy - 20th Entry, the father of Maj Murphy, is first on right in the front row.



Cranwell Parade circa 1929.jpg



Cranwell parade circa 1929



































































































































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