I had never heard of the village of Witchford (Cambs.) until I received communications from their Website webmaster, and people who had served at RAF Witchford, which seems to have had a comparatively short, but not insignificant, life.

If any ex-service personnel wish to relate tales of their service there, I would be happy to expand this page.

1943 June

RAF Witchford opened.

1943 July

No.196 Squadron flew in with Wellington mk.X bomber aircraft to form part of No.3 Group.
Immediately they started converting to Stirling mk.III bombers.

1943 August

No.196 Squadron started operations.

1943 September

Witchford placed under the control of RAF Waterbeach.

1943 November

No.196 Squadron moved out to Leicester East.
No.115 Squadron flew in from Little Snoring with Lancaster mk.II aircraft (Hercules radial engines).

1944 April

No.115 Squadron converted to Lancaster mk.I & mk.III aircraft.

1944 October

C Flight of No.115 Squadron became the core of No.195 Squadron which was reformed at Witchford.
Crews of No.195 sometimes flew aircraft of No.115 Squadron which recorded their performance.

1945 April

The last bombing raid was made on the 24th April.
By contrast, on the 25th the Squadrons started flying very low level missions in "Operation Manna" to drop food to the starving Dutch civilians in the north of Holland.
This lasted about a week, and the German commander assisted by ordering his gunners not to fire at the food planes.

1945 June

After VE-Day, the Squadrons joined in bringing home ex-POW's from France.

1945 August

No.115 Squadron left Witchford for RAF Graveley.
No.195 Squadron disbanded.

1946 March

RAF Witchford closed.

Like many airfields in the fens, Witchford was very aware of its poor drainage and muddy conditions.
Facilities were minimal:- three runways, two hangars, and a few huts.

No.115 was noted as being in the top three squadrons of heavy bombers for:-
total bomb load carried, number of sorties, number of raids, aircraft lost.

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