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to the Web Site of the


for Aircraft Apprentices who completed at least part of their apprentice training at either the
Electrical & Wireless School RAF Flowerdown between 1922 and 1929,
or at RAF Cranwell between 1920 and 1952.

The site is also pleased to host the web page of the

Royal Air Force Cranwell Electrical and Wireless School
Boy Entrants Association

for Boy Entrants who trained at RAF Cranwell between 1934 and 1940

This site is roughly divided into 4 sections, namely: "RAFCAA", "Entries", "Miscellaneous", and "CEWSBEA".

Outline detail of what each section contains follows and the Site Map further down will link you directly to the selected page. Note that there may well be further links from there for Reunions, Memoirs, Photos, etc.


This section is devoted to aspects directly related to the RAF Cranwell Apprentices' Association (RAFCAA). The Association was inaugurated on 19th January, 1985 when some 180 ex-Apprentices held a reunion at the Victory Services Club in London. The creation of the Association was the culmination of the strenuous efforts of Squadron Leader F E Murphy, MBE RAF (Retd), our Founder, who believed strongly that such an Association, with the primary aim of bringing together and maintaining contact between ex-Apprentices who carried out part or all of their apprentice training at Cranwell or Flowerdown, was desirable. All Association organised functions such as our reunion dinner and AGM usually held in September each year, this Web Site, our Journal, "The Cranwell Wheel",  published three times a year etc are organised to support all the Entries that passed through the Flowerdown or Cranwell Apprentice Schools, not individual Entries, and it is these aspects that are covered under this Section.


Many individual Entries have formed their own Entry Association, and have elected or "volunteered" one or more of their number to act as their Entry Representatives/Organisers. They in turn may organise functions or produce newsletters on an Entry basis, all these activities being conducted outside the framework of the RAF CAA. In some cases they have got together with their counterpart Entry at Halton and hold joint functions.

While these Entry Representatives are not part of the formal RAF CAA organisation, they do provide an important, in fact essential, link through to the Entries. Their representatives spend many hours trying to trace missing members of their respective entries and when they are successful, introduce them to the CAA and have thus over the years been the single most effective source of bringing new members into the Association. Because of this essential support we are delighted to provide them with space on this Web Site, and their inputs will be found under this "Entries" Sub-Section. New inputs are always welcomed by the Webmaster.


Para un aire acondicionado tri-split, habra cuatro elementos a instalar: la unidad exterior y tres unidades interiores. Cada unidad interior del aire acondicionado se instalara en la habitacion a calentar. Entonces, las unidades interiores tendran que ser conectadas a la unidad exterior por medio de conexiones de refrigerante. Instalar Sistemas de conductos. Coste instalacion aire acondicionado en Ecija. Tecnicos instaladores de climatizacion. Estas conexiones tienen 2 tubos de cobre, el gas en un lado y el fluido en el otro. Tambien se necesita una conexion electrica para suministrar energia a la unidad interior y para la comunicacion entre los dos elementos.


This is the Web Page that has been created by and for the Cranwell Electrical and Wireless School Boy Entrants Association, which we are pleased "to host" on their behalf.




















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